Training for Organizations

We offer customized, interactive educational experiences for organizations that help senior management and employees at all levels to reflect deeply on their purpose and on the principles and values that guide their work. Our approach is to build and maintain unity of thought and unity of action amongst a committed group of colleagues and staff as they work to achieve their mission at a time when the social and economic landscape is rapidly changing. Such reflection strengthens organizational culture and capacity for learning.  At a time when the social and economic landscape is rapidly changing, unity of purpose and action and capacity for learning are vital to success.

The materials we use have been developed by highly accomplished collaborators working in social development and change and we draw on experienced facilitators able to offer tailored training and accompaniment to organizations eager to strengthen their culture, build capacity for learning in action, and refine their efforts to contribute more meaningfully and effectively to advancing civilization.

“The materials are very relevant, we found them incredibly helpful.  They have helped to shape the future of the organization… It [studying together as a group] has created a common vision, a common understanding of what we are trying to do as an organization – has helped us see social action in a different light… By using the concepts from the course, it has helped us in the way we communicate with each other, in our language, in our decision making.  It has been very helpful.”  – A London business owner describing his ongoing experience having his staff study with LazosLearning

Our programs for organizations provide customized attention, from an initial assessment, training, and post-delivery assessment.



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