developing capacity in individuals and organizations to contribute effectively to social change


Our courses draw together individuals studying and working in different fields of human endeavor who wish to contribute to positive social change, providing an opportunity to study and consult together about questions related to the purpose and effectiveness of their efforts and the principles and values that guide their work.

While the courses are offered individually, each is a part of a series of texts that build on each other and explore a theme. While you are free to study only one course, there is much benefit in studying each of the courses in sequence. To assist you to do this, we have organized the course schedule to enable participants to advance from one text to another in a timely manner and we offer a small discount to those who register.

Contributing to the Advancement of Civilization
Unit 1: Justice and the Oneness of Humankind
Unit 2: The Big Push

Discourse on Social Action
Unit 1: Basic Concepts
Unit 2: Education
Unit 3: Science


LazosLearning’s initial collaboration is with the Colombia-based Foundation for the Application and Teaching of the Sciences (FUNDAEC).